Degrees abound, but exactly how smart are we, when new "must-have" consumer technologies keep our heads spinning and debt building while most of us are still just trying to keep our heads above water. How smart are we, when unintentional health consequences and dependencies insidiously make their way into our lives without our conscious awareness of how we've even played a part in getting them there. How smart are we, when we suffer the demise of our smaller communities of intention and ritual at the same time national and international quests for unbounded economic growth leave the ideas of accountability and sustainability mostly unimaginable.

Here we are in 2017, in the midst of a crisis era. We've got an ever-widening gap between the haves and have-nots. We've got global climate change. We've got widespread terrorist activity. And we've got spiritually wounded leaders with nuclear arms.

It's hard to accept business as usual in our educational institutions when so much is at stake.

Universal solutions begin when we first come to terms with our own psychological motivations. Over the centuries and around the world, observations and documentation of patterns of behavior, feeling, and thought have led to one particular collection describing nine distinct personality types. "Ennea" is a prefix meaning "nine", used to name the figure called the enneagram. Among other things, it simply helps us more easily remember the nine personality types. More importantly, the descriptions of the types provide mirrors that help us begin the self reflection process, something sorely lacking in an age where so many of us are just sleep walking through life.

Moving forward responsibly also requires fundamental ecological knowledge and skills in communication and conflict resolution, all of which have curriculum largely missing from today's public education.

Common Good Learning is an attempt to help fill in these gaps left behind by an educational system currently broken in its ability to prepare students to become informed citizens ready and willing to take right action, connect through empathy, and reason dispassionately for the sake of ecological, economic and spiritual integrity.